La Morfi is Easy to Obtain in Uruguay

Morfi: Slang for food, grub.

I dislike grocery shopping. That really has nothing to do with this entry but I wanted to get that out in the clear before continuing.

We just returned from Tienda Inglesa, one of the major grocery store chains (along with Devoto and the one-hit-wonder French-Wal-Mart-Clone-Biggest-Store-In-Uruguay Géant). Grocery shopping here is nothing special to be honest. That having been said it is a little different from shopping in the US. Here’s the bulleted list as they come to my mind:

  • Friday night the grocery stores are packed. For some reason though we always find ourselves in a grocery store early Friday evening.
  • In the macro sense, things look pretty normal… the aisles are quite a bit closer together and the parking is a lot tighter (everything in Uruguay is smaller and closer together).
  • In the micro sense you’ll find there is generally a lot less variety. Here are a few staples, namely:
    • Dulce de leche – Basically sweetened condensed milk. It’s in everything sweet. It’s not bad but I think it’s overdone and overrated.
    • Ham. Lots of ham, no turkey. The ham is really good though so I’m not complaining.
    • Muzarela cheese, not mozzarella but similar. I love it.
    • Yerba Mate, expect at least a full aisle dedicated to it
    • Crackers. There are a few types, maybe three, and a lot of different brands of those three types but not much beyond that.
  • You won’t find peanut butter, non-sweet cereal (apart from Corn Flakes, I recommend the German brand, Hahne I think it is) or Soft Batch cookies.
  • That’s about it. I could go on but it really is just not my favorite topic (sorry for sounding so grouchy :)).

Leaving bulleted list mode I have to give some praise here to Jenny who is excellent at putting up with my non-shopping tendencies. Enough about groceries, it’s time to go put on some 80’s garb and go party.


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