Ricky Martin, Brian Adams or Recycleman

Sometimes you’ve gotta make a choice. This weekend the choice was between Ricky Martin playing in Punta del Este, Brian Adams (remember him?) playing in Montevideo or… DJ Recycleman a.k.a. George Michael a.k.a. Gary a.k.a. the husband of Iliana a.k.a. the husband of Madonna:

The Hosts

Yes. That is eyeshadow. Yes. On both of them.

9:15 – We arrive, 15 minutes ‘late’
10:15 – The first other guests arrive
11:00 – Dancing – all 80’s, all fast tunes spun by the expert DJ Recycleman
1:00 – Slow dancing
2:00 – Talking
3:00 – Philosophizing
4:00 – Cake and philosophy including the philosophy of cake
4:30 – Sleep

Tiffany and Madonna

Robert Smith on a good hair day

Gus, Vale. Featuring Vale shushing Gus.

Little umbrellas in frozen beverage

There were lights of many colors

You may click any of the above images to enlarge them if you so desire.

Uruguayans can party.


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