Parque Rodó for Fun and Relaxation

Let me start giving some well deserved credit. If you’re reading this blog it is safe to assume that any decent picture posted here was taken by Jenny.

Yesterday we drove down to the park close to downtown Montevideo – Parque Rodó. The park is a cornucopia of fun and diversions–there are (dangerous and unofficial) rock climbing walls, a contemporary art museum, a huge sandbox and children’s park, paddle boats around a small lake, a bigger lake with a small island etc.

Various facts about Rodó in my favorite format (the bulleted list, of course):

  • Our good friend Tori (age 11ish), daughter of our good friends Aaron and Emily fell about 20 feet from the rock wall and miraculously sustained almost no injury.
  • You can get a good meal for 3 (burgers, drinks and fries) for about 6.50 at the little restaurant where you rent the paddle boats.
  • There is a Picasso exhibit in the contemporary art museum this month.

After Rodó we went downtown to Plaza Independencía, the main plaza in the city and took a walk down the touristy pedestrian only offshoot street where Jenny was in heaven looking at and purchasing things for her hand-made jewelry business. It’s nice how the proprietors of the artisan and antique stands here are so friendly and low-key. You’ll very rarely find a pushy salesperson or someone who’s not willing to shoot the breeze for a few minutes while you’re looking at their wares–totally different from my experience in the ferias in Mexico.

This is the point where I insert photos:

The birds in Uruguay are at times strange and curious.

Fitito, Omnibus
Recipe for disaster.

I do not recommend trying this if you are above the age of four.

Wide Eyed
You’d think I was a bad driver.

Jenny and a very small boat
A beautiful woman.

It was a family outing.



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2 responses to “Parque Rodó for Fun and Relaxation

  1. Ann

    How did Tori fall? I wanted to try the rock climbing wall, but not if it is dangerous.

    By the way, I like your blog!

  2. Hi Ann, In Tori’s case I believe it was a case of a badly tied knot. I don’t think rock climbing there is any more dangerous than other places.

    Thanks for visiting!

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