Lawn Care in Uruguay


Our gardener is a character.

Me: “Thanks, the lawn looks great”
He: “Perfect, as usual.”

He’s right, what can I say?

I’d like to post more of our conversation but being the outspoken gardener type he is, it’s just too politically incorrect for general consumption so I’ll continue with some notes on lawn maintenance in Uruguay:

  • In Uruguay it’s not rare to actually have a bit of lawn. This is in contrast with other South/Central American countries.
  • Uruguayan grass is invincible. It looks great and withstands a total lack of maintenance (apart from the bi-weekly mow) extremely well.
  • Grass is kept very short here, golf course style.
  • Sprinklers are rare.
  • Lawn mowers are very small and generally electric.
  • Rhinoceros beetles are common pests. The gardener has given me a personal demonstration on efficient methods for rhino beetle destruction. I consider myself an expert on the subject now.

He’s a rare breed and we’re lucky to have him.



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3 responses to “Lawn Care in Uruguay

  1. el flaco

    Can’t you just tell a little bit about the “politically incorrect” stuff? 🙂

  2. Ben

    I acted the same way when I would aerate peoples lawns. I recieved some great tips because it made me sound really good!

  3. “Lawn Care in Uruguay | This is Uruguay” really makes myself
    think a tiny bit more. I actually loved each and
    every particular element of this post. Regards -Alex

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