Semana Criolla; Gauchos.

This is Semana Santa, officially dubbed Semana de Turismo by the government and also, Semana Criolla.

Semana Criolla is (among other things I suppose) where people from the Interior (everywhere outside Montevideo) come in to show their lifestyle to the city folk, sell their wares, cook meat and rodeo. It’s a great event.

Gauchos are Uruguay’s cowboys and are, in my opinion, Real Men. An elaboration:

  1. They wear cool wide belts apparently for the sole purpose of toting useful tools.
  2. Said belts are adorned by large and elaborate buckles that I find more impressive than any other style of buckle that I have heretofore seen.
  3. Said belts also serve the primary purpose of being a place in whence to store a large, ornate knife used for all manner of cutting.
  4. They wear sweet leather boots. With pants tucked in so everyone knows they are wearing sweet boots.
  5. Their hats have ornate metal straps.
  6. Gauchos can make even berets look tough.

Note, so far we have only dealt with their clothing. There is more.

  1. They ride horses. Well.
  2. They raise delicious beef, and not in CAFO‘s.
  3. They live in the real country.
  4. They drink large quantities of mate.
  5. Did I mention that they carry large ornate knives everywhere they go?

I could go on, but suffice it to say that being around gauchos makes me want to swear off computers, move to the country and become a Real Man.

Photos to elucidate (click to enlarge):





Finally, a video to further illustrate:

And, if you’re still reading, you might be interested in “Nay, a tumblelog” where occasionally I tumble Uruguay related bits.



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6 responses to “Semana Criolla; Gauchos.

  1. nice post! I’m not that sure you have to wear bombachas to be a real man, but that’s another discussion 😉

  2. hah, i wouldn’t have thought so either, but after yesterday i’m pretty sure you do!

  3. art

    sweet leather boots, cool belts, elaborate buckles and even berets….i think i see them here in West hollywood daily. They also sound like they could have received their fashion sense from pirates, which in my book of life would make them real men.

  4. Cool post. I’m here in Montevideo right now. Went to the Gaucho Museum today and loved it.

  5. Please can you tell me, is this event every year? which month / days?


    Mr DODO

  6. Garey Orso

    nice posting but is there any bolo training in Semana Criolla

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