This is a blog about daily life for an American (that’s me) in Uruguay. Post a comment and I’ll email you.



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  1. Marcelo


    Read your blog as I was trying to find some sort of non commercialized percpective of Uruguay. As you can imagine, it is hard to come by. Am currently living in Houston and will be traveling to Montevideo for the last week of April to visit family. Have enjoyed your blog. Keep it up. Feel free to throw in some more short clips. Take care and enjoy.


  2. Mercedes

    Hi Marcus,

    I’m a Uruguayan living in the US. I like your blog, it’s quite accurate. How long have you been there? Have you visited Punta del Este yet? I’m from Punta and lived for 6 years in Montevideo. I took my boyfriend down there this last Christmas (he’s American) and he loved it. Let me know if you need some advice finding cool places. Enjoy your time there, honestly, is very peaceful and pretty. Cheers,

    • amazingspiderfan

      Hi Mercedes.. I’m John Martin, and currently live in Texas. I have had an interest in moving to and living (permanently) in Uruguay for a few years, however, I am not sure about how to go about things like dual citizenship, jobs, homes, moving…. etc… any and all information you could send my way would be INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you for your time!! John

  3. Anthony

    Re: Mercedes,

    We are considering the flipside, is Punta a cool place to be off-season? Would you compare it to other resorts in which at times it is all to yourself? We would likely stay in Rocha during the “Famous Fest” (high season), Regards,


  4. Marcus!
    My God, why don’t I KNOW YOU! I am an American living in El Pinar and, unlike most Uruguayans … I have a WIT! YOU have a WIT!

    Is it possible that I could lure you out to my house with the promise of wine and wit? I have a glorious home on the beach and a huge back yard in which I thoroughly enjoy summer nights … all that’s missing is …. yeah, some witty banter.

    Hit me back.

  5. Christina


    I just found your website and I was happy to read of your adventure. Similarly, I am from the United States and will be living in Montevideo for this upcoming year on a Rotary Scholarship. I will be attending the University of Montevideo, which is in the Tres Cruces neighborhood. For this first month I am living with a family in Parque Rodo. I really like Pocitos and I´d love to live with a young Spanish speaker, but I don´t know if that is even possible to find. In what neighborhood do you and your family live? How did you find your house/apartment?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you, thank you,
    Christina Maria

  6. Elaine

    Hi Marcus,

    I’m Irish (from Dublin) and have just finished my degree and so I’ve decided to move to Montevideo on my own in October and have been trawling through blogs and websites to try to piece together some info. I read Emily and Aarons family page and might try to contact them too as they seem like really cool people (and anyone willing to ship a family that big to another continent has GOT to be adventurous and interesting!) Just wanted to say if you’re willing to offer an Irish girl some advice and insider tips feel free to contact me…otherwise keep up the blogging its muy entertaining!

    Elaine 🙂

  7. great blog — I traveled to Urugay and stepped on the same thumb of the same hand that you’re avatar is.

    pacer521, author of http://culturedecoded.wordpress.com/

  8. Jim

    Just found you, loved you posts. Where are you now?

  9. Hi Marcus,
    Your post on gauchos was great! It is a shame you don’t write anymore, I would have liked to have you as a guest writer on my blog.

  10. Jane

    Hi, Marcus! Are you still in Uruguay? I am enjoying reading your blog, and sad that you are no longer writing it. You gave me some very useful information–the kind I have been looking for. I am thinking of emigrating to UY, and am doing my due diligence, which lead to my surfing in to your site. I would be very happy if you would send me an e-mail and let me know how things are going for you now.
    Thank you. Jane

  11. HI Marcus,

    My name is Todd, I`m an American chef living in Brazil. I am going to visit Uruguay for a weekend, and wanted to know what you think is a fair amount of currency to bring. We just want to have some good meals, and have some fun at the grocery store. It’s just a two day trip, but we have no idea what the prices are like in Uruguay. It is my first visit, and my wife has not been there since 2005. Hope you are still writing. . .



  12. amazingspiderfan

    Anyone interested in passing on some much desired information about what it takes to move and (permanently) live in Uruguay would be considered a diamond!!! I’ve been trying to find info on what it would take – (dual-citizenship, jobs, homes, living… etc, so on, ….. so would be ECSTATIC to have anyone respond with contact info… Thanks a ton! John

  13. T-man

    Hey Marcus, I don’t know how active you are on this website but I am very interested in coming to work in Uruguay.
    I am a recent college graduate; but a bit overwhelmed as to how to actually get started.
    Could you shed some insight?
    Many thanks,

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